Monday, 8 August 2016

Poi E {FREE Printable to accompany the music video }

You'd be hard pressed to find a Kiwi song that I love more than Poi E!  The dance moves, the rural scenes and the uplifting beat take my mind drifting away to summer holidays 'back in the day' (where I was attempting dodgy break dancing moves with my friends!!)

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If you're not familiar with the 1983 classic Poi E (lyrics by Ngoi Pewhairangi and music by Dalvanius Prime) you might want to check out the clip below!

Also released this year is a highly recommended documentary about the music video (see below) which looks more closely at the town of Patea and the circumstances surrounding the creation of the song in the 80's. 

*Perfect to use as you watch the music video with your class*

Check out the following links for further info on Poi E and it's creative authors...

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