Saturday, 27 February 2016

Best Read Alouds for Anzac Day! {+FREE Printable follow up activity sheets}

This awesome list of 'read aloud' books are by a mixture of Kiwi & Aussie authors - have a peek below for a quick review and some specific reader response sheets that match the books.... have I missed your favourite?  Flick me an e-mail or leave a comment below!

Anzac Ted
By Belinda Landsberry
Great for the lower levels, Anzac Ted follows the journey of a teddy bear who accompanies an Anzac soldier into battle.  Seen through the eyes of a child (and a teddy bear) the book introduces some of the grim themes of war in a non-threatening way.

Grandad's Medals

By Tracy Duncan
'Grandad's Medals' has been a popular read since being published in 10 years ago.  Focusing on the bond between Grandad and his grandson, the book shares the events that occur before during and after an Anzac day parade - as seen through the eyes of the grandson.

My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day
By Catriona Hoy & Benjamin Johnson
Another great read aloud - succinct words and beautiful illustrations,  This book focuses on all the little details that make attending an Anzac day parade special... getting up early, driving in the dark, rugging up warm as it's always cold, the sounds of the guns and hot chocolate afterwards...

Simpson & his Donkey
By Mark Greenwood & Franē Lessac
Simpson's Donkey provides a larger world view on the Anzac's contributions to the war effort.  Following the journey of a young soldier from the UK, to Australia and then into battle, the themes contained are more suitable for upper Primary.

Anzac Day Parade
By Glenda Kane & Lisa Allen
'Anzac Day Parade' is a current favourite of mine - aimed at the mid to upper primary level, the book contains minimal words that have been chosen to provide high impact and provoke deep thinking.  The beautiful illustrations tell as much of the story as the words.  A short but powerful read.

Some other great Anzac resources that 
you might find helpful include:

Anzac Day the New Zealand Story
By Philippa Werry
If you're looking for a non-fiction reference resource for all things Kiwi and Anzac, this is your book!  Packed full of detailed information about the Anzac's contribution from a distinctly Kiwi perspective, I particularly enjoyed all the small personal stories relating to our men, women and small towns contained within the pages.

Anzac Day - Honouring our Heritage
By RIC Publications
Looking for more follow up activities and worksheets to support your Anzac day discussions?  This RIC publications book is full of photocopiable cloze activities, plus specific links to curriculum LI's and levels - a great time saver!  You can find them here.  Don't forget to also grab their beautiful *FREE* vintage feel Anzac poster while you're there.

Anzac Resources 
By MontessoriKiwi on TpT 

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You might also want to check out our previous post about NZ's fascinating flag history to GRAB YOUR FREE SET of colour by number flag pictures.

Still looking for more ideas?  Click here to check out our Anzac Day Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Hope you and your class find some of these resources useful - wishing you all a peaceful Anzac day...

Grubbily yours,
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