Monday, 8 August 2016

Poi E {FREE Printable to accompany the music video }

You'd be hard pressed to find a Kiwi song that I love more than Poi E!  The dance moves, the rural scenes and the uplifting beat take my mind drifting away to summer holidays 'back in the day' (where I was attempting dodgy break dancing moves with my friends!!)

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FREE PRINTABLE to accompany the music video!*

If you're not familiar with the 1983 classic Poi E (lyrics by Ngoi Pewhairangi and music by Dalvanius Prime) you might want to check out the clip below!

Also released this year is a highly recommended documentary about the music video (see below) which looks more closely at the town of Patea and the circumstances surrounding the creation of the song in the 80's. 

*Perfect to use as you watch the music video with your class*

Check out the following links for further info on Poi E and it's creative authors...

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Let's celebrate Māori language week!

Have you found all our free Māori classroom resources?  Get yourself organised for Māori language week with these free printables!  Below are some quick find links to save you spending too much time digging through the blog (teacher time is precious!)

Have a great Māori language week with your class, and don't forget to check back often as our collection of resources is always growing.




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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Silver Fern Flag Template ~ FREE PRINTABLE!

To celebrate the release of our latest Kiwiana resource, we've updated our FREE NZ flags file to include the basic template for our unofficial silver fern flag!  

If you're looking for other Kiwiana themed resources, you might want to have a peek at our latest release below - it's packed full of fun activities and Kiwiana themed flash cards, all designed to celebrate how awesome we are down here in Aotearoa!
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tohora Nui - Big Whale {Song Lyrics Freebie!}

Another resource I've whipped up for my amazing guitar strumming Mumma... if you're not familiar with this very catchy Māori song, click one of the youtube links below for a quick listen - but be warned, you'll be humming the tune for the rest of the day!!

Enlarge, print and laminate the pages before using them to support your class singing programme. Each sentence of the song includes the Māori lyrics plus an English translation - get creative by using the song to inspire the writing of your own lyrics that feature your favourite animals.  The kids will love creating their own actions to match this super catch song - have fun!

If you're not familiar with this catchy tune, click the links to the youtube clips below...
Tohora Nui - Big Whale (with cartoon images)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Best Read Alouds for Anzac Day! {+FREE Printable follow up activity sheets}

This awesome list of 'read aloud' books are by a mixture of Kiwi & Aussie authors - have a peek below for a quick review and some specific reader response sheets that match the books.... have I missed your favourite?  Flick me an e-mail or leave a comment below!

Anzac Ted
By Belinda Landsberry
Great for the lower levels, Anzac Ted follows the journey of a teddy bear who accompanies an Anzac soldier into battle.  Seen through the eyes of a child (and a teddy bear) the book introduces some of the grim themes of war in a non-threatening way.

Grandad's Medals

By Tracy Duncan
'Grandad's Medals' has been a popular read since being published in 10 years ago.  Focusing on the bond between Grandad and his grandson, the book shares the events that occur before during and after an Anzac day parade - as seen through the eyes of the grandson.

My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day
By Catriona Hoy & Benjamin Johnson
Another great read aloud - succinct words and beautiful illustrations,  This book focuses on all the little details that make attending an Anzac day parade special... getting up early, driving in the dark, rugging up warm as it's always cold, the sounds of the guns and hot chocolate afterwards...

Simpson & his Donkey
By Mark Greenwood & Franē Lessac
Simpson's Donkey provides a larger world view on the Anzac's contributions to the war effort.  Following the journey of a young soldier from the UK, to Australia and then into battle, the themes contained are more suitable for upper Primary.

Anzac Day Parade
By Glenda Kane & Lisa Allen
'Anzac Day Parade' is a current favourite of mine - aimed at the mid to upper primary level, the book contains minimal words that have been chosen to provide high impact and provoke deep thinking.  The beautiful illustrations tell as much of the story as the words.  A short but powerful read.

Some other great Anzac resources that 
you might find helpful include:

Anzac Day the New Zealand Story
By Philippa Werry
If you're looking for a non-fiction reference resource for all things Kiwi and Anzac, this is your book!  Packed full of detailed information about the Anzac's contribution from a distinctly Kiwi perspective, I particularly enjoyed all the small personal stories relating to our men, women and small towns contained within the pages.

Anzac Day - Honouring our Heritage
By RIC Publications
Looking for more follow up activities and worksheets to support your Anzac day discussions?  This RIC publications book is full of photocopiable cloze activities, plus specific links to curriculum LI's and levels - a great time saver!  You can find them here.  Don't forget to also grab their beautiful *FREE* vintage feel Anzac poster while you're there.

Anzac Resources 
By MontessoriKiwi on TpT 

Our best selling 54 page Anzac booklet is now also available in an A4 page edition for lower primary!  Click here to pop over to our Green Grubs store for a peek at both packs.

You might also want to check out our previous post about NZ's fascinating flag history to GRAB YOUR FREE SET of colour by number flag pictures.

Still looking for more ideas?  Click here to check out our Anzac Day Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Hope you and your class find some of these resources useful - wishing you all a peaceful Anzac day...

Grubbily yours,

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Waitangi Day Resource Round up!

This was originally supposed to be one of our popular "Best Waitangi Day Read Alouds for Primary" type blog posts......... however, I'm very disappointed by the lack of good 'read alouds' for our Primary kids on this topic!

I'd like to lay down a challenge for our amazing Kiwi Authors to look at filling this huge gap - it's such an important topic, and as most Primary teachers know, the easy way into tricky subjects is often through a good book.  If you compare the differences in EASY TO USE resources that are available for Waitangi day and Anzac day, the results are startling.... (obviously this is due to many different factors....Australia also commemorating Anzac day, the timing of these events in the school year etc.) but still. I'm disappointed!

Anyway, enough of the disappointment, and onto the good stuff!  This list is by no means exhaustive - please leave a comment at the bottom or flick me and e-mail if there's an amazing resource missing...



  • Looking at our countries past flags is a really interesting way to approach the Treaty of Waitangi discussion!  Grab your free copy of these colour by number sheets in a previous blog post HERE.

  • 2 of the best books that tie nicely into the Waitangi topic include the 'Tree Hut Treaty' by Wiremu Grace (currently out of print, but perfect for introducing class rules and values at the start of the new school year) and the newly released 'Te Wairua o Waitangi' book/CD by Sharon Holt.  Hopefully your school will have a copy of both to get you started...
Wiki-Educator also includes a great higher order thinking activity based around the Tree Hut Treaty - you can find that here.

One of a series of sing-a-long books that Sharon Holt has written, this will definitely appeal to the lower Primary aged kids!  You can find this brand new release here on her website which also includes a sneaky listen to the new song!


  • Photocopiable/printable resources include 'New Zealand Special Days' published by R.I.C publications (different books available for years 1-8) This resource also includes sheets for most other celebrations and dates celebrated in the NZ calendar. (You might want to have a peek at their funky range of te reo Māori stickers while you're there!)

  • My best selling Waitangi Day resource packs {Now also available in a pack suitable for the lower primary level} are chock full of mix and match activities to engage your whole class.  Click here for a peek!

Hope you find something useful in all of this - have a great start to the school year,
Grubbily yours,
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