Saturday, 15 August 2015

Action Cards in Te Reo Māori & English {FREEBIE!}

Another set of cards for my hard working Mum!  These cards have been made to match the action song 'Pakipaki.' (this is her version of the song with some extras added in!)

Mum prints, laminates and joins the cards in the corner with a jump ring, then flips the cards over as the song progresses to support her special needs learners.  The cards include the Māori and English words for the action, plus a matching picture to scaffold all your little learners!

This resources contains cards for:

Pakipaki (Clap) 
Hurihuri (Turn around) 
Peke (Jump) 
Oma (Run) 
Kanikani (Dance) 
Hula (Hula) 
Takahia (Stamp) 
Kata (Laugh)
Korero mai (talk to me)

If you're creative (like my Mum) and think of an alternate action card you'd like included that's not listed -  please leave me a comment below or flick me an e-mail using the mail icon on my blog header and I'll endeavor to include your verb.

*EDIT JULY 2016 - as per request, I've now also included the following cards - enjoy!

Rere (Fly)
Hikoi (March)
Whakarongo (listen)

Hope you all had a great Māori language week,
Grubbily yours,
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