Monday, 6 April 2015

How to squeeze a daily dose of nature into your busy classroom routine {+36 free 'Nature Snack' prompt cards!}

Respect your class's need for a few minutes here and there to just burn off some energy, run bare feet and feel the wind in their hair... in fact, why not take your shoes off and join them?
Ekk!  I'm uber excited to be guest blogging over at Rachel Lynette's fabulous blog 'Minds in Bloom!'  Whip on over there for a peek at my blog post: "Nature Snacks: How to Squeeze a Daily Dose of Nature into Your Classroom."  It's full of lots of practical tips and a free set of 36 'nature snack' cards with prompts that encourage engagement with the natural world…some of the cards can be used inside the classroom by looking out the window, others can be used while moving as a class from one part of the school to the other, and some are best used outside in the playground!
Check out the blog post above or click here for your free set of cards!
Grubbily yours,
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