Friday, 6 March 2015

Top 5 Coolest facts about Cicadas {+ a free printable!}

There's nothing more summery than the deafening chorus of cicadas.... and this has inspired me to whip up another 'top 5' printable!

Many of the tree trunks near our house are covered in crunchy 'cicada shirts' (this was my 2 years olds description of what an empty cicada shell was after I attempted to explain!)
They really are incredible creatures - it's amazing to think that some of the nymphs have been underground for up to 17 years before emerging as adults that live for a maximum of 4 weeks.  In the photo below you can see the cicadas 'ocelli' (the 3 primitive, pinky-jewel like eyes between the 2 main bulgy eyes).

Looking for more thorough resources about cicadas?  You might want to have a peek at my 'Cicada Celebration' pack! (This 46 page fun and facts booklet is designed to immerse you in all things celebrating the humble but noisy cicada!  This pack also contains beautiful photography to help you get up close and personal with this fascinating insect).
You can find this product here in my TpT store.
Hope you're having a great end to summer,
Grubbily yours,
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