Friday, 20 March 2015

Blog Hoppin'

I've recently enjoyed contributing to the 'Ladies With Class' group blog, along with a diverse group of teachers from around the world!  Ladies With Class are currently hosting a 'March into Spring' blog hop to celebrate their launch - we're actually heading into Autumn down here, but that certainly hasn't stopped me from getting involved with the celebrations!

Scroll on down to find your next stop - don't forget to snaffle up some great freebies, enter to win a $40 TpT gift card, and check out some other inspirational blogs and teachers on your way...
Click here to grab your free Spring nature walk recording sheets!
Just in case you're heading into Autumn instead of Spring - click here to download your free nature walk recording template! (also available with the wording 'Autumn')
Great outdoor fun whatever the weather - what shapes and pictures can you and your class see in the clouds?  Click here to grab your free Cloud hunting pack!

Pop over to the 'Sea of Knowledge' blog to visit my lovely Aussie friend Yara and see what educational goodies she has on offer! Click the picture below for your next stop...

Happy hoppin'
Grubbily yours,
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