Wednesday, 14 January 2015

This week in Nature - a Hammerhead Shark! (+ a free Nature Table Fact-File)

This week in nature......... STOP-Hammer time! (I don't think I've ever had such a valid reason to quote MC Hammer ha ha)
My wee toddler and I made a fascinating discovery on our local beach a few weeks back—a dead baby hammerhead shark!  It had washed in on the incoming tide and was already being eyed up by hungry seagulls. I don’t know much about sharks, so this obviously required some further investigation.  I was so inspired by our special discovery, that I've whipped up a little template for your kids to use... perfect for recording all the new information they learn while studying their nature find (just in case bringing a hammerhead shark to school for show-and-tell is not an option!!)
You can download a free copy of this Hammerhead fact file here.
Whether your nature treasure is a beautiful leaf or a baby hammerhead, this sheet is great way to support your little explorers as they closely observe and complete basic research.   I've included the facts we've discovered about hammerhead sharks (just click on the fact-file above to download) plus a link to the blank template so your children can fill in their own sheets (below).  I'd suggest keeping some blank copies on your nature table for children to help themselves to as needed (photocopy the sheets back-to-back to save paper) and then after they've shared their special finds with the class, they can slip the completed sheets into a clearfile folder to create a nature table book for your class to enjoy.
Click here to download your free Nature Table Fact-File!
Have fun exploring,
Grubbily yours,
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