Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Grubs go visiting!

I started out blogging by dipping my toes into other peoples blogs..... then dog-paddling through setting up my own blog (and to be honest, I'm still dog paddling through my own blog, but just paddling a little bit faster!)

I'm so grateful to my lovely bloggy-buddies who are so encouraging and are really inspiring with their bloggy-know-how (although much of their "html's, back links, blog rolls and scrolling widgets" flows right over my head....!) 

Listed below is a little flash back through all the great blogs I've been invited to be a part of - feel free to pop on by and share the bloggy love!

~Here's an Idea by Lucy S~
My good friend Lucy has an amazing blog packed full of all sorts of juicy ELA & French resources.  If you haven't already checked out her amazing education Pinterest boards you should do so immediately!  One of my favourite series from her chic blog is the 'Teacher-Authors around the world' where she interviews a really diverse group of teachers about their experiences in education.  You can check out my feature on her blog here.

~Getting Nerdy With Mel & Gerdy~
Being Nerdy has never been such a joy!  Mel and Gerdy's quirky blog is a science teachers dream - packed full of lots of nerdy and humorous info... don't forget to sign up for their newsletter while you're there, or join one of their fun link-ups!  Pop over for a peek at their 'Down & Dirty with Mel and Gerdy' post which I was lucky enough to be featured in.

The Learning Highway is collaborative blog that combines the wisdom of a diverse range of teachers with extensive teaching knowledge.  You can find a great selection of ideas to 'Get Kids outside' in one of my favourite blog posts here.
~Ladies with Class~ 
I'm delighted to be contributing to this new collaborative blog - it's so nice to be working with a great bunch of teachers from another country!  Come and check out some of the blogs posts that cover a wide range of curriculum areas. 

~Rachel Lynette's Mind in Bloom~
I was recently delighted to have the opportunity to guest blog on Minds in Bloom - this blog is jam packed full of a diverse range of educational articles, and teaching tips.... head over for a good dig around, it's a real gold mind of teaching and learning goodness!  You can read my 'Nature Snacks' guest post here.

I love popping over and visiting other blogs - so let me know if there's a grubby topic you'd like to see covered on your blog!

Grubbily yours,
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