Thursday, 8 January 2015

Kiwi Educators - where are you?! (Bloggers, Businesses & TpT Teacher-Authors)

Haere mai Kiwi bloggers - where are you? 
Come and have a browse through these creative and diverse Kiwi teacher blogs...... if you'd like to be included, please leave me a note with your blog details (or facebook page) in the comment section below!

          Gretchen's Art Blog            Sling Shot Educa8tion               Digital Discovery

            Kiwi Teacher Blog       The Inspired Kiwis Classroom      Digital Learning

              Help Me Learn                    Teacher Talk NZ            @The Click Of A Mouse


Click here to view ALL Kiwi sellers on TpT, or scroll down to view individual stores....

*In alphabetical order:

  1. Beyond imagination
  2. Boydy Mac
  3. Classroom ideas
  4. Cleverchick
  5. Graphics By Lucy
  6. Green Grubs Garden Club
  7. Gretchen Buwalda
  8. Kelsy Fletcher
  9. Kiwi Teacher
  10. Learning to be Awesome 
  11. Little Teapot Education
  12. Magic Mistakes and Mayhem
  13. Miss Downard
  14. Montessori Kiwi
  15. NACM
  16. Olivia Walker
  17. One Teachers Journey
  18. Organisedteacher NZ
  19. Sculpt Designs
  20. Sling Shot Educa8tion
  21. Teachaid English Literature
  22. Teacher Hayley
  23. Teacher MoHo
  24. Teach Starter 
  25. TeacherTalk NZ 
  26. The Almost Their Height Teacher
  27. @ The Click Of A Mouse
  28. The Inspired Kiwis Classroom
  29. Top Teaching Tasks
  30. Waterfall Learning

If you're a Kiwi teacher, you'll know that there are some subtle differences between the way things are done in NZ and the way things are done in the US (spelling, metrics and paper size mostly, not to mention curriculum!) **Please click here for a more extensive post about getting started on TpT for sellers outside of the US!**

Us Kiwi's are a rare bunch on TpT, so just in case you're looking for some Kiwi created resources, I thought I'd take a quick 'Roll Call' of New Zealand teacher-authors selling on Teachers pay Teachers.

Some of the stores in this list target a more American audience; some have a more Kiwi flavour; and some (such as myself) have a mixture of both.  As a seller, I personally try to offer alternate spelling and page size format for those buyers outside of the US (US letter size to A4) and as a buyer, I'd encourage you to leave a query in the 'ask question' section of these sellers stores if you want to learn more about their products.  A few of the sellers on the list are based outside of NZ, but stock Kiwi themed resources.

This list is by no means exhaustive and I'm hoping to keep adding to it - so PLEASE let me know if there are any other Kiwi's roaming loose on TpT that I've missed!

And last (but not least) a selection of hard-to-find New Zealand themed clipart, most of which are commercial licence.  Not all are created by NZ TpT Authors, but they're all gorgeous - please let me know if I've missed any good ones!

I hope you find this useful,
Grubbily yours - Ka kite ano,
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