Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bringing active learning to your Nature Table {PART 1}

Adding a few prompts to your nature table is a great way to get your children engaging closely with their nature finds! 

You can find our Nature Table Sorting Arrows here.

One of the simplest ideas is to get your children to arrange their finds on to a continuum (biggest to smallest, roughest to smoothest, heaviest to lightest etc).  I like to use arrows to support their arrangements, but you could just talk about different ways to group your objects and choose one to experiment with.  These types of activities are a great way to incorporate the skills of organising, comparing, ranking and ordering!
My little Grub attempting to match up and 'nest' his shells together.

Simple structure around how they’re required to group their materials often encourages very careful observation and healthy debate among kids – which one is the smoothest/plainest?  Which is the heaviest?  This is also a great time to remind them that there is often no correct answer and we all do things differently!

Don’t forget to take a photo of your child with their arrangement when they've finished (especially if the materials they’re using are somewhat ephemeral...)

You can find our Nature Table Task Card pack here.

Have fun!
Grubbily yours,

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